Ken Nakamura

Dr. Ken has been wonderful in healing pain in my upper, mid and lower back. When I came to him, I was unable to play, bike, or sit on my office chair. I felt instantly better after his treatment and was able to get back to my activities after just 2-3 visits. Dr. Ken is very efficient, he works quickly and always gets through all my concerns.

On one of my follow-ups, he noticed my wrist wrapped up (what my doctor and physio thought was a sprained wrist) and identified that the real issue was in my neck/back and healed my wrist in one visit. I had it wrapped up for 3 weeks seeing little improvement but after his treatment, once again I was able to get back to my regular activities.

Dr. Ken is excellent in his field. I recommend him (and Rebalance clinic) to all my family and friends.