Ken Nakamura

I have suffered from misaligned spine for over 3 decades following an accident when I was a child. Dr. Ken has been very patient while working with my condition. My pain and discomfort has significantly reduced as a result of Dr. Ken’s continued work.

Even though I visited Dr. Ken for my spine condition, he also caught my gluten intolerance which I have never known. After taking his suggestion to modify my diet, my life quality has significantly improved. I have experienced much less brain fog which has been an obstacle for my study and my work for many years.

Dr. Ken is a very thoughtful, knowledgable and efficient chiropractor who not only care about your spine but also sincerely cares about your whole health. That’s true passion and dedication to the field of health care. I highly recommend anyone in need of chiropractic work to visit Dr Ken and the team at Rebalance Sports Medicine.