Ken Nakamura

I had some pinching and LOTS of pain in my lower back and even my hips when I showed up to his office. I thought it would go away on its own, but after weeks (months?) of being in pain and having very limited mobility, I searched the internet for solutions. Dr. Ken Nakamura showed up as a recommendation in my research for a chiropractor in Toronto. What persuaded me to choose him was his extensive experience in the field (including working with athletes), great reviews, and his knowledgeable approach that allows him to properly identify the problem and consequently gain results.

I have competed 8 sessions total I believe with him since. In the first session, he asked extensive questions regarding my injury and pain levels, tested my movement range/constraints, and was able to identify the issue rather quickly. After his adjustments/hands-on treatment, he left me with active stretches and exercises to perform by myself (after demonstrating them) until our next session. I felt really good leaving because even though my issue did not miraculously disappear (don’t we all wish it worked that way), I left with some relief and also a plan to create longer-term changes through reinforcing the muscles concerned. It felt really good knowing I was working towards my recovery and had a solution for my pain, rather than simply hoping it would go away.

Dr. Nakamura even gave me options for my treatment in terms of timeline and frequency, depending on what I was looking for and felt was best for my current lifestyle, schedule, and aimed results. Under his recommendation and what I felt was best/possible for me, I scheduled a 20min follow-up appointment with him once a week, for a total of 8 sessions. It only took a couple weeks for me to see significant results. My pain was drastically reduced and my range of movement was somewhat normal again! He would gage my progress by assessing my pain levels and movement range associated with specific movements each week. The look of shock that would show up on my face each week when I realized what progress I had managed to make and how the intense pain was not only not coming back, but rather improving rapidly as well… I recall calling him word-for-word a “wizard” due to the shocking results I was experiencing hahaha.

My results were consistently on pare with his timeline prediction as well–meaning that by my 4th appointment I had significant progress in terms of pain and some progress in terms of motion, and by the 8th (my final one) I could finally say I no longer felt pain originally associated with certain movements which had caused me to go see him in the first place. Bending to grab something had me on the verge of tears months ago, now I can confidently go to the gym and carry-on my day-to-day tasks without any fear of pain or limitations.

My experience being one of his clients was that he is a knowledgeable, kind, professional, and dedicated chiropractor. You can tell he takes great pride in his work and truly enjoys helping those who seek his help — even having told me himself how rewarding his chosen field is due to his ability to help others. When the opportunity to share to others my experience presented itself, I knew I wanted to help positively impact those looking for a great chiropractor, just like the past reviews had done for me. Thanks again Dr. Ken Nakamura for being the best chiropractor I have to seen to date, and also helping me get back to the best version of myself!

*Side-note, Rebalance Sports Medicine is very client friendly clinic which offers direct-billing, electronic receipts, email/ text reminders, and also has kind staff at their front desk who will always great you with a smile and try to make your life as easy as possible. Having things automated (such as billing/insurance) and reminder options has been extremely beneficial for someone like me who has ADHD — so if you struggle with similar issues, I strongly believe their inclusive system will be beneficial to you as well.