Ken Nakamura

My mother is a chiropractor. I have seen close to 100 chiropractors in my life in Japan, Indonesia, USA, and Canada. I have a chronic inflammatory disease which affects my spine requiring bi-weekly adjustment in order to maintain my range of motion as well as to keep pain etc at bay. Dr.Ken Nakamura comes in top 3 in my personal ranking. His approach is always bespoke to my concerns (that is rare as a Diamond these days) professional, respectful but personable. He is consistent, very calm and determined to achieve his professional goals. He comes from martial arts background is extremely knowledgeable in naturopathy, biology, nutrition, inflammatory diseases. His technique is reliable. I am known to be a touch patient to adjust – he adjusts me every time. Very resourcefully. If your pain is a manifestation of physiological and/or psychological trauma, Dr.Ken might be the guide to your well-being you have been looking for.

And! The staff are kind and warm. They treat you like living humans with blood running through them, if you know what i mean? I have no stress dealing with the staff.