Ken Nakamura

Dr. Nakamura is true of heart, and an extremely conscientious and experienced practitioner. His approach to healing is integrative and future-oriented. Not only does he skillfully treat your dysfunctions with a high degree of success, but teaches you to employ techniques and exercises that are relevant to your current lifestyle. He emphasizes the importance of working with him, in contrast to relying solely on what happens in the treatment room.

After seeing Dr Nakamura for a month, I have experienced significant improvement in mobility and pain relief, notably contributing to my overall quality of life. This amount of concentrated healing I’ve experienced puts all of the physiotherapy, RMT, and acupuncture treatments I’ve previously underwent to shame.

In short, I can confidently say Dr. Nakamura is results-driven and has great ability to solve complex problems in the body. You can trust that your progress and wellbeing are in great hands.