Ken Nakamura

Been having neck problems most of my young life (most likely due to unsuitable pillows/mattresses, I’m a side sleeper). Would get painful stiff necks several times every year that visibly tilt my neck, I usually just tolerate it but this time it was way too painful. Went to physio for 2 months with no improvements until I was recommended to Dr. Ken. He estimated that I’ll get 80-90% better after 7 visits and surely enough my neck & shoulder pain went away by the 6th visit.

I could tell Dr Ken was very knowledgable the first visit when he was able to tell which parts of my neck/shoulder were sore and which parts were tight just by pressing them with his finger (without me giving any feedback)!

I visited him twice a week. Although it’s pricey considering I don’t have insurance it was definitely worth it. Highly recommended