Ken Nakamura

Dr. Ken Nakamura is a miracle worker. After 3 treatments + 1 for good measure, my elderly father (90+ years) is mobile again and free of pain medication. Prior to treatment by Dr. Nakamura, my father was experiencing extreme pain radiating down his leg which was limiting his mobility and balance, activities of daily living, and sleep. His lower back and leg pain, along with the added mental stress, were also noticeably affecting his cognitive abilities. Despite being treated by a nearby chiropractor, he continued to need the maximum allowable pain medication, topical ointments, hot baths and heating pads, to manage the unrelenting pain. After a month with no improvement, I finally convinced my father to see Dr. Nakamura despite the travel. I had high hopes that it would be a gamechanger based on our previous experience. Many years before my father had similarly experienced excruciating and debilitating pain which Dr. Nakamura relieved after just 1 treatment versus the multiple treatments we had with another chiropractor. It was a miracle then and a miracle now — but clearly the result of Dr. Nakamura’s exceptional knowledge and skill. I do not hesitate to recommend him.