Ken Nakamura

Would definitely like to recommend Dr. Ken. I used to see Dr. Ken back when I was in my early teens and he really helped with making sure my back was aligned and helped reduce fatigue. I was lucky enough to rediscover Dr. Ken more than a decade after seeing him. Though he moved to the heart of Toronto I still travelled far to see him because I remember how well he was able to treat me then. Dr. Ken truly cares for your health and finding the source of the problems. He not only treats the core issues but also recommends on how to reduce the problems by doing certain activities and ensuring you live a healthy balanced lifestyle. His skill level is unrivaled and I have seen many chiropractors during my time. He is able to assess and treat my issues with ease despite me being on the larger side of the spectrum. I can say in great confidence that Dr. Ken is great at what he does. He always ensures you are safe and if he notices any other issues he will treat them. Great doctor with a great personality and always great to talk to him. I have recommended all my friends and family to him. I will continue to see Dr. Ken for all my chiro related needs even if he’s downtown and parking is 12 dollars a session (Non related to clinic) because he is able to do what others are not. Highly recommended.