Ken Nakamura

I highly recommend Dr. Ken.

I’ve had neck/upper-back pain for the past 8 years due to the nature of my work. Essentially working at least 8 hrs a day on a desk lead to me having forward neck posture. I was skeptic at first to try chiropractic treatment, and have been going to massage therapy and physiotherapy
for the past 8 years. I found thise therapies to alleviate the symptoms but not really solve the underlying problem. I searched for the best chiropractor on ratemds and thats when I saw the great reviews Dr. Ken has from his clients. Just after my first visit I felt so much relief in my upper back and neck area, he does 2-3 adjustments (nothing too crazy) every session along with some stretches. You can directly feel the difference after one session with him. I like the fact that he tracks your progress at the beginning/end of every session, and if there s any areas of improvement (in terms of pain/range of motion) he directly addresses those. In a total of 6 sessions, I was able to go back to normal. You do have to do the stretches/exercises he gives you regularly, but you will definitely get better!