What To Do If You Have A Sitting Job And Mid Back Pain

By Dr Ken Nakamura+

Office Chair: Arm Rest, Back rest has lubar support, seat pan is curved and has up and down adjustment with castors.
Do you sit for a living? Do you have aches and pains in the neck and or upper back while sitting? Would like to help the mid back pain you have now and prevent the mid back pain from getting worse? Sitting can be restful after a long hike but sitting on the job continuously for long periods can cause some serious pain in your mid back. When you first sit down in the morning sit with great posture. After a few minutes things change and that perfect posture changes. Your posture becomes more hunched or your chin starts to[...]

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Active Release Technique: Is it For You?

By Dr Ken Nakamura+

Active Release Technique: Is it For You? Downtown Toronto Chiropractor
Have you thought about getting Active Release Technique for your muscle ache?   Were you wondering if Active Release Technique is effective for your pain?   Active Release Technique (ART)is one of the most popular techniques used on athletes. Increasingly the technique is used to treat non-athletic injuries, anywhere you have tight muscles and knots that need relief.   Active Release Technique or ART is also called Myofascial Release Technique. The techniques are identical but I will use the term Active Release Technique.     Active Release Technique uses the patients’ own movement specific for that particular muscle making the[...]

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Tension Headaches: Remedy For Tension Headaches

By Dr Ken Nakamura+

Tension Headache Exercises: Toronto Downtown Chiropractor
Do you have a headache that feels like a band of pain around your forehead, sides or back of your head?   Is your headache aggravated by poor posture or stress?   You likely have tension headaches if you answered yes to the questions above.  In this issue of Bodi Empowerment I will give you advice on ways to decrease your tension headaches from some of the more common causes and then show you a few exercises to help your tension headaches.   Tension headaches cause tightness of your muscles, either at the back of your head, side of your[...]

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How to Improve Posture: 4 Upper Back Exercises

By Dr Ken Nakamura+

How To Improve Posture-Toronto Chiropractor
Do you have a rounded upper back? This can be the cause of your neck pain, stiffness and headaches.   Do you want to feel better about yourself and exude confidence with great posture?   This issue teaches you ways to help the rounded upper back problem that is prevalent in our sitting society.     See Also: The 5 Best Exercises For Your Stiff Neck   So you have a rounded upper back and you can’t keep a straight back for more than a couple of minutes. The reason is muscle imbalance. The muscles of the chest are too[...]

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5 Remedies For Headache Pains: How to Get Rid of Headache Pains

By Dr Ken Nakamura+

5 Remedies for Headache Pains: How to Get Rid of Headache Pains   Do you have a headache pain that starts at the back of your head or neck?   Does your headache pain sometimes radiate from the back of your head and neck to the top of your forehead and perhaps extends to your eyes?   Do you get headache pains more often than once every 6 months?   Does this sound like your headache pain? If so, keep reading as I reveal five techniques that chiropractors, physiotherapists, and acupuncturists all know about but don’t regularly share.   Many[...]

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