Discover the Benefits of Acupuncture for Chronic Lower Back Pain

Acupuncture For Chronic Low Back Pain. Dr Ken Nakamura Best Toronto Chiropractor

Have You Considered Acupuncture for Your Chronic Lower Back Pain?

Are you searching for relief from chronic lower back pain? In this edition of Bodi Empowerment, we uncover essential tips for choosing the right health practitioner for acupuncture. Discover whether acupuncture is the pain-free solution you’ve been seeking for your lower back issues.

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Is Acupuncture Painful? Debunking Common Myths

One of the first questions many ask is about the pain involved with acupuncture. At our downtown Toronto clinic, patients often find the sensation comparable to a mild pinch, followed by a feeling of pressure. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Pain Perception: Varies based on needle placement, practitioner skill, and importantly, needle width.
  • Needle Width: Thinner needles, typically 0.22-0.30 mm, are used in acupuncture compared to medical injections, reducing discomfort.
  • Technique: Unlike medical needles, acupuncture needles are designed to stimulate without damaging tissues.
  • Factors Influencing Pain: Your state of mind and body composition can affect your experience. Staying relaxed and mentally prepared can significantly ease the process.
Acupuncture For Your Chronic Lower Back Pain: Painful Or Not? Helpful or Not? Toronto Downtown Chiropractor

Choosing Your Acupuncturist: Safety First

Ensuring your acupuncturist uses new, sterile needles is crucial. We highlight a case from Toronto underscoring the importance of proper sterilization practices. Furthermore, the treatment area should be cleaned with alcohol or iodine to prevent infection, a standard practice in reputable clinics like ours in downtown Toronto.

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Which Health Professional Should You Consult for Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is practised by various professionals, including:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Dentists
  • Naturopaths
  • Acupuncturists
  • Massage Therapists (in Ontario)

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Each has its area of expertise, with some better suited for comprehensive treatment and others for specific conditions like dental pain or musculoskeletal issues.

Does Acupuncture Work for Lower Back Pain?

The evidence is clear: acupuncture is an effective treatment for chronic lower back pain, supported by numerous studies. If you’ve been told otherwise, it’s time for an update on the latest in evidence-based treatments.

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  • Hi,
    My husband has been suffering from frozen shoulder (I think) – he cannot raise his arm. What would be the best mode of treatment? Also does accupuncture help at all? He was turned away by a physio saying they cannot treat him.
    What are his options?

    • Post

      Thanks for your question Charu. Here is an article on frozen shoulder that should help.

      Try the exercises first. If may or may not be enough. If not acupuncture does help along with mobilisation. I would try another chiropractor or physiotherapist. You were turned away as that person is not used to treating frozen shoulder or didn’t know acupuncture.

      Hope that helps your frozen shoulder.

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