Relief for Your Aching Jaw: Effective TMJ Treatments and Remedies for Temporomandibular Joint Pain

TMJ Treatment Remedies - Toronto Downtown Chiropractor

Have you been wondering what a good treatment for your TMJ or jaw problem could be?

Do you have trouble biting into an apple without your jaw clicking or giving you pain?

Then you might have TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Pain.

Typically most of you with TMJ pain also have headaches in your temple area and neck stiffness along with a few visits to your dentist. The dentist usually says that there is nothing wrong with your teeth. What most of you do have is grinding or clenching of your teeth at night.

You can’t tell you to grind your teeth yourself unless your spouse is a light sleeper and he/she can hear you grinding at night. Typically though while grinding is noisy clenching is quiet. You can be clenching for decades before you get any pain. Until your jaw gets to its “clicking point”

A few of you will have TMJ pain from arthritis either from the effects of a motor vehicle accident long ago or from arthritis that is affecting the other parts of the body. For most of you though it typically lies with clenching or grinding.

Treat Your TMJ

Studies have shown that treating TMJ by working on the muscles that allow you to chew is helpful.[1] Four muscles help you chew. They are the:

  1. Lateral Pterygoid Muscle
  2. Medial Pterygoid Muscle
  3. Masseter Muscle
  4. Temporalis Muscle

These aren’t muscles that you can work out in the gym to get better.  With TMJ  pain your muscles are too strong and tight so you want them to relax and be weak.

TMJ muscles get a workout during the day and at night. Some of you are working out your TMJ muscles all the time.

You use your TMJ muscles when you chew food, then later on without knowing it, you clench your muscles because of that deadline or you’re worried about work, money or a bad relationship. In other words stress!

Then at night, you keep clenching your jaw or even grind your teeth down working the muscles so much that they become super strong. Soon your jaw is so muscular it changes the shape of your face. That’s right it’s especially noticeable when a woman has a square jaw. (It’s not the only reason but in downtown Toronto that’s the most common reason)

To treat your TMJ you can use acupuncture points which are the same as acupressure points. Simply press on each acupressure point below for 30 seconds to a minute.

TMJ Treatment Remedies - Toronto Downtown Chiropractor

#1 TW 21 Triple Warmer 21

  • Just in front of the top of the ear.
  • There is a slight depression here. The point is above the ear canal.
  • Push until you feel a deep ache or electrical feeling for 30 seconds to one minute.

#2 SI 19 Small Intestine 19

  • With mouth slightly open look for the depression just in front of the ear canal. (Just in front of the tragus for those who are experts in anatomy)
  • Push until you feel a deep ache or electrical feeling for 30 seconds to one minute.

#3GB 2 Gall Bladder 2

  • Just in front of the bottom of the ear.
  • Open and close your mouth you should feel depressed when you open your mouth.
  • Push until you feel a deep ache or electrical feeling for 30 seconds to one minute.

#4 ST6 Stomach 6

  • Slide your finger down the back of your jawbone until you get to the corner.
  • Place your finger on the muscle just in front of the corner of the jaw bone.
  • Push until you feel a deep ache or electrical feeling for 30 seconds to one minute.

If you are still having TMJ trouble it’s time to get professional help. You should find a chiropractor that works on the TMJ regularly.

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1.  Kalamir A, Bonello R, Graham P et al. Intraoral myofascial therapy for chronic myogenous temporomandibular disorder:  A randomized controlled trial Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics 2012; 35: 26-37.

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  • Hi Dr. Ken i have had this pain for about one year now, i have been to a dentist but all he told me to do was keep my mouth shut and do not open wide, so he gave me medication and sadly that did not work. So ever since then i did not take this matter seriously because it did not hurt as much, but the last few weeks it has gotten much worse and i have done lots of research on TMJ disorder, but i seriously do not know what to do i think i need to see you. i have noticed when i open my mouth there is a twisting to the left so it feels locked on the left side. My question to you is do you help with TMJ disorders? and if so have you had any success with it?

    • Post

      Thanks for your question Alex. I do treat TMJ disorder all the time. The vast majority of the time I am successful given enough time. If you have given me a month most patients improve significantly.

      Hope that helps your TMJ.

  • I have been with a chiropractor since 4 months now but have no relief in my tmj…i want to understand if there is a treatment in this clinic for my tmj problem…and can the chiropractic adjustments make tmj good permanently or is it a temporary thing

    • Post

      Thanks for your queston Shilpi. TMJ is intimately connected to the neck and there are corresponding areas that need to be treated in the lower back. I can only tell you that I have had success treating TMJ. Some people brux or grind their teeth or clench usually due to stress others have had accidents or injuries. Most recover quite well, while a few get better for a few months and it does come back.

      Hope that helps your TMJ.

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